Sam Markowitz

Production Coordinator

Samuel Markowitz is Tweed Video’s Production Manager. You’ll speak with Sam at almost every stage of the project - from the initial inquiry to planning the shoot to editing and revision to final delivery. He'll make sure all the pieces fit together and you have a consistent line of communication, acting as a hub for the team and faithfully executing your vision. Sam has always been fascinated with stories and storytelling, from his childhood in the suburbs of South Jersey through his decade-plus of professional video experience. After graduating from NYU and beginning his career with the NBC Page Program, Sam worked in a variety of positions for both large and small media entities in New York. Upon moving to Philadelphia, Sam teamed up with Tweed to bring his knowledge and production expertise to our slate of projects. When not working, you can find Sam cooking delicious vegan food, making terrible puns, and traveling to Phish concerts. He is definitely a real human who 100% exists.