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Tweed Video has filmed well over 1,000 interviews.

We’d like to think that makes us experienced in everything there is, but we can’t–because the one thing that shooting interviews has taught us is that you always have to expect the unexpected. From the homeless communities of Miami, to the fresh air of a Denver startup, from the shadow of the main cathedral of San Miguel, Mexico to the Universal Studios lot, we’ve documented all kinds of video interviews. It’s our belief that everyone has a story, we’re just there to let them tell it.  

Our video interview style is usually behind the camera, but we also know that from time to time you need a handy list of well-crafted backup questions. Let us help you develop those, we know which types, styles and formats of questions produce the best answers. We’ve also come to love the art of the candid interview– some of our best sound bytes have occured when our subjects think we’re not recording. We know there is nothing more awkward than a stiff interview, so we bring with us the experience of knowing how to make people feel comfortable. We believe this is paramount to the outcome of your video so we make it our priority to get to know our subjects and make them good and ready for their close up. Lighting for video interviews is a speciality of ours. We know how to work with what you’ve got while simultaneously knowing how to create what you want. We measure the sun path, factor the clouds and make all of the necessary adjustments to make sure your people look great. Irregardless of everything we have the ability to literally show your subject in their best and most authentic light and that is not a task we take lightly.

Exciting new things in the way of video interviews are happening at Tweed as we are taking our interview subject framing to a more cinematic level, incorporating b-roll footage and animation to push the narrative forward. Take a look at some of our favorite interview videos below, and let us know if we can help you get ready for your close up.