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The difference between good and great video.

Cinematography is far more than just pointing a camera at a subject. It begins with knowing our purpose, why we are creating the video in the first place. In large part that extends to knowing our clients and knowing them well- what are they going to use this video for? What is the emotion or action we are seeking to evoke from the viewer? With that direction we begin to paint the picture, in so many subtle ways that include everything from the background to the lighting. Furthermore, it’s knowing which angles to shoot, which equipment and tools to use and assembling the best team to get the job done.

Cinematography is partly something that can be taught, but more something you just need to have an eye for. An intuition and instinct that allow you to see both through, in front of and behind the lens simultaneously. We could talk about it all day, but we would rather show you how our passion for what we do translates through the camera. With Tweed Video, no matter how big or small the project, we bring the best and brightest to ensure you get the total cinematic experience. Get your popcorn ready with some of our favorite reels below.