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Animation & Design

Video Animation is an art form at Tweed.

We have an incredible in-house team of skilled stop motion artists, titlists and animators that can bring even your most complex animation ideas to life. In recent years we’ve used our animation capabilities frequently as a vehicle to creatively express a point or heighten a level of emotion in our videos. We have also found that video animation can be a very effective tool for laying out complex ideas in a simple manner, or to showcase facts or key points. Our eye for design ensures the animations we create represent your brand and style seamlessly.

Part of our style is a mixture of animation and cinematography where we create beautiful collage-like intro sequences. We also like to mix it up and do fun, creative things like make a bird fly through our office or make a token travel its way around the edge of a stadium. Check out some of our favorite video animation examples below, and let us know if you want to advance to the next frame.